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Beko Washing Machines

Beko history

Founded in 1967, Beko has established a reputation for producing affordable yet high-quality and reliable electronics and appliances of every kind. The Beko range encompasses a wide range of products, including an extensive selection of feature-packed and highly functional washing machines.

Different load capacities to suit your household

A Beko washing machine can help in ensuring that your clothes stay clean without excessive wear and tear. The current range provides plenty of options, giving you the freedom to choose a machine that is perfect for your household. The range includes load sizes up to a substantial 9kg and spin speeds up to a dizzying 1600 RPM, so you can find a Beko washing machine to handle even the most challenging of loads.


Washing machines from the Beko range are also extremely energy-efficient. With energy ratings from A to A+++, you can be sure that your machine will keep your energy bills down. Thanks to their eco credentials and efficient water usage, Beko machines are friendly to the environment and to your pocket. This ensures that even households generating substantial daily loads can wash with the minimum of worry.

Extra features tailored to you

Depending on the Beko washing machine model you choose, you may also benefit from a range of useful extra features. Even the base models include multiple pre-programmed settings for an easy, fuss-free and perfectly tailored way to handle every type of load. Simple yet useful features such as multi-compartment detergent drawers, wide-opening doors for easy access and stylish modern designs make Beko washing machines perfect for any home.