Neff Series 2 S51E50X1GB 60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher

  • Dishwasher Type: Full-Size
  • Energy Efficiency: A+
  • Wash Performance: A
  • Place Settings: 12 Place Settings
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Manufacturer's Standard Guarantee Included Free
Optional 3 Year Dishwasher Warranty £41.24
Optional 5 Year Dishwasher Warranty £75.25

Product Information for the NEF-BDW-S51E50X1GB-X

A full scale dinner party or a meal for one, a Neff dishwasher can handle anything you need it to. And that includes bulky pans and casserole dishes. Innovations like our unique VarioFlex baskets give you the complete flexibility you need for the way we cook today. Neff do their best to make all their appliances energy efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible, and dishwashers are no exception. All Neff machines are triple A rated for washing, drying and energy performance. Tests have proven they use far less water than washing up by hand, and you can use a timer to take advantage of off peak electricity costs. Features of this dishwasher include:

  • 5 programmes: Intensive 70 °C, Normal 65 °C, Economy 50 °C, Quick Wash 45 °C, Pre Rinse
  • 4 temperatures
  • 1 special option: Half load
  • DosageAssist detergent dispenser
  • DetergentAware
  • NeffSparkle
  • Regenerative electronics
  • Electronic time delay: 3, 6 or 9 hours with Acoustic end of cycle indicator, LED programme status indicator, water fault indicator
  • Red LED indicators
  • LED salt refill indicator, LED rinse-aid refill indicator
  • Residual drying
  • Load sensor
  • Servo lock for effortless door closing
  • Neff AquaStop® with guarantee
  • Push button top controls
  • Vario basket system
  • Silver baskets without handle
  • Height adjustable top basket
  • 2 foldable plate racks in bottom basket
  • Large item spray head, including Steam protection plate, Stainless steel/Polinox interior
  • Alternating spray arms
  • ActiveWater hydraulic water system
  • Child safety - Childproof door lock
  • Self cleaning filter system with 3 piece corrugated filter
  • Front-adjustable rear foot
  • including Steam protection plate, Large item spray head
  • Capacity: 12 place settings

Key Features

  • Product Code NEF-BDW-S51E50X1GB-X
Guarantee 2 Years by Redemption
Colour Stainless Steel
Delivery Special Order from 7 days
Depth (mm) 550 mm
Height (mm) 815 mm
Width (mm) 598 mm
Adj Upper Basket
Delay Start Timer
Dishwasher Type Full-Size
Drying Performance
Energy Efficiency
Place Settings
12 Place Settings
Programmes 5 Programmes
Wash Performance
Water Consumption (litres)
12 litres

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2 Dec 2014
Service rating : Good delivery service
Product : Too early to rate. Good so far
15 Nov 2013
Service rating : Have used Co-Op previously and always been impressed by the delivery - very helpful to have the hourly slot for your delivery.
Product : This was bought as a replacement for an integrated one which we inherited when we moved house which didn't work. I have always bought Bosch but gave Neff a try. Firstly to have no 'cup rack' to enable stemmed glasses to be safely stacked and washed is very disappointing, esp. when it costs about £7 to purchase, it could have been included as standard. As for the installation instructions they were worse than useless. My husband is a very practical person and he struggled with the vague pictures. Also be aware of the dimensions as the water inlet pipe on the back of the dishwasher has some kind of filter fitted and so it is a struggle to get the dishwasher flush with front of kitchen units. Eventually we had to re-jig pipework to get a good fit. Like having the timer delay a we are now in a house with E7 so can time dishwasher to work when electricity is cheaper!
20 Apr 2012
Service rating : delivered on time, unpacked and packaging taken away
Product : not quite as good as expected
5 Apr 2012
Service rating : Unfortunatey my dishwasher was delivered damaged but the Co-op arranged for a replacement quickly and kept me fully informed
Product : only returned as it was damaged
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Buying Guide to Dishwashers

  • Dishwashers are, for many people, an essential kitchen appliance that can save hours of washing up time, help keep the kitchen uncluttered by storing dirty dishes until you’re ready to wash a load and provide you with sparkling dishes cleaned to the very highest of standards with the minimum of effort.

    Whether you’re replacing an existing dish washer or you’re buying your first appliance, our simple to use guide is designed to help you choose the right dishwasher for your needs.

    Which Size Dishwasher do you Need?

    Dish washers come in a choice of sizes. To choose the right size dishwasher, you need to consider the size of the area where it will be plumbed in, the place setting that you need to wash and your overall budget.

    Understanding a Place Setting:

    A full size dishwasher will typically hold a 12 place setting which is the equivalent of:

    • 12 dinner plates
    • 12 soup bowls
    • 12 dessert plates
    • 12 tea cups and saucers
    • 12 tall glasses
    • 12 individual place settings of cutlery: - knives, forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons, tea spoons

    It’s important to remember that a place setting does not include serving plates, bowls, pots and pans, just the crockery and cutlery for 12 people.

    A slimline dishwasher generally holds a nine place setting while a compact dish washer is large enough for a four place setting.

    Dishwasher Sizes

    • A full size dishwasher is generally around 85cm high, 60cm wide and 60cm deep.
    • A slimline dishwasher is the same height and depth but slimmer at around 45cm wide.
    • A compact dishwasher measures around 45cm high, 58cm wide & 48cm deep, measurements for compact dishwashers vary depending on the manufacturer and style.

    Energy Efficiency

    New electrical appliances such as dishwashers are graded with an energy efficient rating of A to G with A being the most energy efficient and economical to run. Dishwashers are graded by the manufacturers in a series of standardised tests. Energy efficiency for dish washers is based on the washing and drying functions as well as water consumption.

    Dishwashers use less water than washing up by hand the same size loads and some models include a time delay function to allow you to set your dishwasher to make the most of cheaper electricity rates over night.

    Additional Extras

    Deciding whether you need additional extra features such as an adjustable top basket or low noise for your new dish washer is one step towards choosing the right model. Most models of dishwasher come with a variety of pre-wash and wash settings such as half load, economy, rinse only and drying programmes and all include a cutlery basket. More expensive models may have a choice of finishes including stainless steel.

    We stock a variety of dishwashers from well-known brands at competitive prices and we’re here to help you make the right choices and give you the advice you need so that your investment serves you well and becomes a real benefit.

    Dishwasher Features Explained

    Dishwashers are fast becoming one of the most essential kitchen appliances that you can have in your home. They keep your kitchen free from clutter and save hours of dishwashing time. But with so many makes and models on the market it can be difficult to understand the differences.

    Understanding dishwasher features can help you make the right choices so that you can be sure your appliance is equipped with everything you’ll possibly need and that your budget is spent wisely.

    Understanding Your Dishwasher

    Dishwashers come in three sizes: a full size dishwasher, slimline and compact. They are measured by the amount of dishes they can wash, which is known as a place setting. A full size dishwasher, for example, has a 12 place setting and washes 12 dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls, tea cups, saucers, tall glasses and 12 sets of cutlery.

    Washing Programmes

    The number of features that a dishwasher offers can depend on both the size of the machine and whether it’s a top of the range or basic model. All dishwashers will have a choice of washing programmes and the more expensive models will feature more options.

    Most dish washers will include three settings. The main wash programme which washes at around 65C; an economy setting and a programme for washing delicate items such as china and glass. Most will also offer a rinse programme too. The more expensive the machine, the more programmes you’ll find. Extras can include a half load option, child safety locks and a fast ‘turbo’ speed washing option to wash dishes at a fraction of the usual time. 

    Dishwasher Extras

    There are many different dish washer extras available and again the amount will depend on whether the machine is a basic or top of the range model. All dishwashers come with a cutlery basket to keep cutlery together during washing. The cutlery basket is usually removable to give you more flexible space in the dishwasher and to make putting cutlery away easier after it’s been washed. Most dish washers will have an adjustable top basket that can be removed to make room for larger items such as frying pans, large plates, saucepans or tall glasses. Some dishwashers perform with low noise meaning that the machine will run almost silently. Some come in a range of finishes including stainless steel.

    Before you make your decision on which dishwasher to buy, take some time to consider the features that will make your life even easier.

    Dishwashers are fast becoming one of the most important appliances in our kitchens. Whether a full size dishwasher or a slimline model, a dish washer can prove to be a real investment and if it’s used carefully, it can serve you long term. We know how important your dishwasher is to you so we’ve devised a guide to help you get the most out of your appliance.

    Care and Maintenance for your Dishwasher

    Make sure you remove all waste food from plates and dishes before you stack them in the dish washer. Ideally you should also rinse them too. Waste food does not magically disappear in your dishwasher and it can clog the waste water pipe and damage your machine’s filter. Clean the filter of the dishwasher regularly too to make sure it can do its job properly.

    Dishwashers need dishwasher salt and rinse aid in addition to dishwasher tablets or capsules to help soften water, clean dishes effectively and reduce drying time. This is particularly important if you live in a hard water area. Most dish washers will have a warning light that will flash on when dishwasher salt or rinse aid levels are low or empty.

    If you stack your dish washer with dirty dishes during the day and use the delay timer function to wash over night when you have cheaper electricity you could benefit from a dishwasher freshener to help make your dishwasher smell fresher. Better still, clean your machine with a dishwasher cleaner. The cleaner is run through the empty machine on a high temperature wash. When used regularly this helps keep your appliance free from grease, bad odours and working effectively.

    Stack Correctly for the Best Results

    The water sprays vary throughout a dishwasher so it’s important to stack your machine properly to get the best possible results. Stack larger, more heavily soiled items at the bottom and smaller items at the top. Make sure that bowls, glasses and cups are stacked facing downwards so that they drain water rather than collect it throughout the washing cycle. Stack dishes neatly and not on top of one other and place cutlery facing downwards in the cutlery basket, this will make sure that all dishes and cutlery are washed evenly and there is less chance of breakages.

    Not Suitable for Dishwashers

    Although most things can be washed in the dish washer it’s important to know what can’t be. Most items will state whether they’re dishwasher safe or not. Dishwashers use strong cleaning agents and wash at extremely high temperatures so if in doubt, wash delicate items by hand. As a general rule gold or silver trimmed china, patterned fine china, crystal glass, cast iron cookware (can become rusty) and cutlery with wood or bone handles are not suitable for washing in the dishwasher. Stack plastics that are dishwasher safe in the adjustable top basket so that they’re not warped during the drying process.

    By following these guidelines your dishwasher will serve you well and make the investment you’d hoped for.