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Connection Service


Important information regarding this service


Please note that due to stopping restrictions we are unable to offer our Connection Services for London Red Route addresses – click here for further details.


Connection Service Details



Washers, Washer Dryers and Dishwashers


Before ordering a connection service, please check:


  1. There is enough space for your appliance
  2. There is access to the working water connections with stop valves, an independent waste pipe and electrical socket.
  3. You do not need an existing hot water supply to be capped off. Please note – most new appliances are cold water fill only. We will only turn off the hot water valve – and check it is not leaking. It is advisable to have this supply capped off securely – this is NOT part of our connection service.
  4. That any carpentry alterations are not required as we are not able to offer this.
  5. Please note connection cannot be made into bathrooms or shower rooms.
  6. Please check there are no extensions to the water, electrical and waste connections as we will not be able to complete the installation if any of these exist.


What we do:


Assess the installation of your old appliance


  • Check any plinths or panels can be easily taken off and re-fitted
  • Check the existing machine aperture will accept the new machine.
  • Check there are no obvious leaks from the existing machine
  • Check the condition of the flooring and adjacent units
  • Check that suitable stop valves are present and working.

Disconnect the existing appliance


  • Turn off the isolator valves
  • Check for any items left in the old appliance
  • Disconnect the old appliance from water, waste and electric points
  • Remove the appliance outside (Please note: If you would like your old appliance taken away, please also include the removal of old appliance option to your order, which will incur an additional fee

Check the plumbing


  • Ensure there are no obvious leaks
  • That all pipe work and electrical sockets are fixed to the wall and are in good condition
  • That all connections are in reach of the pipes/cables supplied with the new appliance.

New appliance connection


  • Deliver the new appliance boxed to the installation location
  • Unbox and visually check the new appliance
  • Remove transit bolts and packaging
  • Connect to the existing Cold water supply, Waste water outlet and Electrical sockets, turn on water supply and check for leaks.
  • Position and level the appliance
  • Start a test cycle and check for any leaks.
  • Remove all the packaging and take it away.



What we don’t do:


  • Plumb two waste pipes into one
  • Connect an appliance to a Hot water supply.
  • Make any alterations to existing plumbing or electrical connections
  • Use excessive force to turn the water taps.
  • Connect the appliance if the space is not suitable
  • Install to any extended electrical, water or waste connections
  • Hard wire any appliance.
  • Cap off the hot water isolator valve.
  • Integrated & Built-in appliances cannot be disconnected or removed.


Liability on Connections


Wet Installs


  • After 24 hrs we will not be liable for any leaks to the pipes.
  • If you ask us to install with existing pipes the seal may be worn. New machines come with a 1M water pipe; we will not be liable if you ask us to connect to an existing 2M length.
  • We are not liable for anything that is left in the old machine once it’s collected.
  • We are not liable for surges in power to appliances or any other related electrical problems.
  • We are not liable if the appliance has been moved after the connection has taken place.

What we don’t connect


Please note we do not offer a connection service for the following:

  • Refrigeration
  • Tumble Dryers
  • Cookers
  • Built-in Appliances

Please ensure that the person present when the connection takes place is of legal age, the connection includes a checklist to be completed and signed for before the process is completed.



Appliance Removal
As part of our delivery service we also provide an eco friendly removal service for old large kitchen items and televisions over 39” for a fee of £9.99. When delivering your new appliance the drivers can take away the old appliance, this will then be disposed of by us in an environmentally friendly manner. We also remove all the product packaging, which is taken back to our warehouse and recycled - following the directive from the WEEE regulations.


With effect from July 2007, the UK's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations encourages business and consumers to arrange collection and recycling of household electrical appliances. Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams increasing 5% per year, it has been estimated that landfill space in the UK will run out within the next 10 years.
To fulfil our obligations as a retailer, The Co-operative have contributed to the Valpak WEEE Distributor Take Back Scheme

If you wish to utilise our removal service for Laundry appliances, Dishwashers, Cookers, Refrigeration products and large screen Televisions (39" and above), simply check the box beside ‘Removal of Old Appliance’ on the products detail page when placing your order.
Please note that Laundry and Dishwasher appliances will only be removed if disconnected and free of excess water. Refrigeration items must be fully disconnected and defrosted. Cookers can only be removed if disconnected and externally clean. Televisions must be unplugged and fully disconnected from other audio/ visual devices; additionally the TV must be 'free standing', we are unable to remove a television if it has been built-in to a cabinet or is mounted on a wall or wall bracket.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide this service for range cookers, audio and small domestic appliances. To dispose of these items and to find out how you can minimise your effect on the environment please visit   You will also find advice and tips on how to recycle waste electrical goods and other household items, making it quick and easy for everyone to recycle-more!


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